If you ever thought the way the world works doesn’t make any sense and you feel like it needs to change, please continue.

Below are several gems I have curated from the internet that I feel will make an impact on a global socio-economic level. I will introduce them to you in the order I feel will connect the dots of the global picture and bring into focus the real agenda that needs to be addressed for humanity’s sake.

1. The Venus Project. (Seed of thought)


“The Venus Project proposes an alternative vision of what the future can be if we apply what we already know in order to achieve a sustainable new world civilization. It calls for a straightforward redesign of our culture in which the age-old inadequacies of war, poverty, hunger, debt and unnecessary human suffering are viewed not only as avoidable, but as totally unacceptable. Anything less will result in a continuation of the same catalog of problems inherent in today’s world.”

Significance: The emphasis of this project is to promote a Resource Based Economy (RBE) and therefore introduce you to the concept of an RBE and explore the possibilities of this type of world view.

ShortcomingsAt the end of the film, you are left with this hopefulness that someday this may exist and work out or cynicism that it can ever realize. The almost immediate followup question you may ask is, well then how do we get there? With no formal project plan that can be followed by those interested, the project comes to a dead halt with no real direction on what to do next or where it will go.

3. The Zeitgeist Movement (Elaboration and Education)


“In One Sentence: We advocate the application of the Scientific Method for Social Concern. In other words: The Zeitgeist Movement is a global sustainability activist movement presenting the case for the needed transition out of our current unsustainable economic model and into a new sustainable socioeconomic paradigm based on using the best that science and technology have to offer to maximize human, animal and environmental well being in accordance with the natural world.”

Significance: Brings to light humanity’s greatest limitations. Essentially aligns itself with the ideals of the Venus Project however touching on a more realistic and practical approach. It is an informative dialogue on the downfall with our current socio-economic systems with a focus on the monetary system (specific to this sequel).

Shortcomings: No transitional project plan.

4. The Transition. (The Resource and Real Change)


“The Transition is an online social change community focused on starting on a local scale, but acting with the intention of global change to bridge the gap between our present times and a Global Egalitarian System…Together we are creating a database and worldwide movement based on a set of practical values to give people a better understanding of the interconnection and impact we have with one another as well as the environment. We are a social change network of conscious individuals willing to not only change the world, but change themselves to create a brighter future for everyone! We believe that we can make the transition to a more sustainable and resilient world. ”

Sustainable Living Podcast

Significance: A grassroots community project to provide power to its community so that they may realize their goals. They provide a communal knowledge, asset, and resource base that individuals and project leads can utilize to fulfill their project goals. Their ideals align with that of RBE and global egalitarianism. They advocate the use of Formal Consensus within project groups (BUDs) to use as their decision making model for groups of all sizes, even as much as extending to the scale of a city. They also advocate for Non-Violent Communication (expressed by Marshall Rosenberg) as a centerpiece of communication.

Shortcomings: The community is fairly new and is in the early stages of gaining members.

5. The Auravana Project. (The End Goal)


“The Auravana Project exists to co-create the emergence of community through the openly shared design, construction, and operation of a socio-economically unified network of integrated city systems in which purposefully driven individuals are fulfilled in their development toward a higher potential state of human experience for themselves and all others.

We are developing a highly automatedmoneyless society oriented toward human fulfillment and ecological sustainability.”

Significance: The blueprint for the future society. It breaks down the Social System, Decision System, Lifestyle System, and Material System in a very detailed format.

Shortcomings: For the average reader, the specifications are very dense, rich in technical information and could potentially be an information overload for those that are only looking to see what the project entails.



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