“Communication is key.”

A quote I hear fairly often in all types of relationships. From friends, lovers, education, business, and politics. It is the way one person can share how they feel and what needs they have to others. Currently we speak to each other in thoughts and analyses vs. starting from a place of empathy. The way … Continue reading “Communication is key.”


MLK – Where do we go from here?

A reminder to understand structural violence: "We have come a long way in our understanding of human motivation and in the blind operation of our economic system. Now we realize that dislocations in the market operation of our economy and the prevalence of discrimination thrust people into idleness and bind them in constant or frequent … Continue reading MLK – Where do we go from here?

Fake News

There's been a thought ruminating in mind for some time now; what should I believe in? This simple thought extends to several facets in my life. To name a few: religion, politics, scientific evidence, ethics, and philosophy. Moreover, the question morphs into the process of belief. I process information based on a logical progression of … Continue reading Fake News