International Madness This is an international, maddening mess... OPCW was on its way and they had the permission and the access they needed to conduct a search; there wasn't any concrete evidence and the forces were "still assessing" the situation yet still launched an attack - again before OPCW had even a chance to gather proper … Continue reading International Madness


Keeping objectivity, objective.

This is more PC culture in action that targeted Amy Wax, a Penn Law professor who made remarks about black students and affirmative action. Loury makes a good point about the utility/consequence of discussing facts with particular audiences; because of how easily hurt people can be, it currently matters how we say things. Not to … Continue reading Keeping objectivity, objective.

Veganism – Is Shock Imagery Effective?

Defined as: the practice of actively not participating in the exploitation of any animal to include food consumption, animal testing, entertainment, consumption of byproducts, and clothing. Some methods Vegans use to raise the awareness can be peaceful and other can be more obstructive. If you have a social media, there is a high probability that … Continue reading Veganism – Is Shock Imagery Effective?